PK3 - Erik Alejandrino, Oliver Mapel, Kai Metts, Zuri Porter, Hannah Thompson, Jamel Turner
PK4 - Bethany Adkins, Kylan Baker, Hermela Markos, Micah Pope, Charrence Sullivan, Bryce Swims, Corbin Tawfik
Kindergarten – Cohen Brown, Brinley Mapel, Ruthie Murphy, Clarzel Spencer
Third Grade – Carter Lane
Fourth Grade – Eliza Metts
Fifth Grade – Cole Brown



ILS is the first school in Tennessee to open a fully dedicated STEM lab facility! Traditional STEM is a curriculum based on the idea of educating students in four specific disciplines; science, technology, engineering and mathematics in an interdisciplinary and applied approach. However, as a Christian School, ILS adds a fifth discipline to the approach — Ministry — to create STEMM 

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MONDAY, August 26 – Grilled Cheese Sandwich, Mixed Vegetables, Carrot Sticks, Grapes, Milk
TUESDAY, August 27 – Meatloaf w/Cheese, Red New Potatoes, Roll, Mixed Fruit, Milk
WEDNESDAY, August 28 – Mini Corndogs, Baked Beans, Sweet Potato Fries, Parfait, Milk
THURSDAY, August 29 – Lasagna, Green Beans, Garden Salad, Garlic Bread, Pineapple, Milk
FRIDAY, August 30 – Chick-Fil-A Sandwich, Fries, Ice Cream or Yogurt, Milk


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Your child’s faith in God is our number one priority. Our faculty and staff look forward to partnering with you to teach your children about Jesus and living a Christian life. Each day at Immanuel, students study the Bible, pray, and learn about Jesus. I commend you for considering a Christian school. It’s a step in the right direction for your child and your family.


All families have challenges, no matter what their makeup: traditional families, blended families, single moms/dads, grandparents, and extended family. Immanuel Lutheran School is not a "shelter", but rather an environment led by Christian adultsWhen your child enrolls at ILS, they become a welcome part of our school family.


I am sure you think, dream, plan, and prepare for your child’s future. Your child has unique gifts and abilities. Your child may excel in math, science, art, athletics, language, or music. It is our joy as educators to develop those strengths while also teaching them all the skills necessary for a successful future.


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