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Principal's Message 
I simply want to express the sincere appreciation and dedication from you all to Immanuel.  As in any school, we work to serve better and we have plans coming for the future.  This year has started off well!  God is great and has provided many opportunities for many to come together already - what great events.  Thank you for not only planning, but participation in these great events!  More to come.  BOOSTERTHON is right around the corner.

If you have signed up your child last year for the YOUNG INVESTORS CLUB (Y.I. Club) please let me know.  We have some ideas and events coming up this year for those who are already taking the advantage of learning about investments.  If you have not signed up and are interested in this Young Investors Club for your children, please let me know.

There will be a parent satisfaction survey coming very soon as well to collect valuable data for ILS to move in our planning.  When it comes out please take the
time to complete it.

I appreciate all the love and support you provide for your child here at ILS.  Thanks for being part of the family.  God's Blessings to you and your family.

Mr. Baringer

Your child’s faith in God is our number one priority. Our faculty and staff look forward to partnering with you to teach your children about Jesus and living a Christian life. Each day at Immanuel, students study the Bible, pray, and learn about Jesus. I commend you for considering a Christian school. It’s a step in the right direction for your child and your family.
All families have challenges, no matter what their makeup: traditional families, blended families, single moms/dads, grandparents, and extended family. Immanuel Lutheran School is not a "shelter", but rather an environment led by Christian adults. When your child enrolls at ILS, they become a welcome part of our school family.
I am sure you think, dream, plan, and prepare for your child’s future. Your child has unique gifts and abilities. Your child may excel in math, science, art, athletics, language, or music. It is our joy as educators to develop those strengths while also teaching them all the skills necessary for a successful future.

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