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Principal's Message 
I want to start of first by saying, "Thank You" and "God Bless" to many! We have
had some exciting times in the young, but quickly moving school year. Let's
highlight just a few items that have happened here at ILS thus far.

1. Boosterthon and the FUN-RUN raised just over $11,000.00 to go towards developing
our technology components for students and teachers
2. Our Athletic Teams have captured many successes throughout this year and playing
to the Glory of God. One team, Volleyball (grades 7th-8th) went undefeated in
regular season and in tournament play.
3. The Fall Festival was such a success on many levels. Way to go everyone who put
that event on!
4. Our Fall Program is tonight at 7 pm in the church - "GPS" - God's Plan for Salvation
5. We continually see academic improvements across the board in all grades. ILS has
a solid reputation for quality instruction and "producing" stellar students. Area
high schools are delighted to gain students from ILS. Thank you teachers! Thank
you parents!

- Update: Adopting the Common Core here at ILS does not and will not make
us "better" nor does it put us in a position to develop our curriculum/academics.
The truth is, we have been "doing" what CC is trying to implement a very long time.
ILS is above the curve and continues to study, develop and enrich what we are
doing well. This is also a large part of our goals and accreditation. Common Core
at this time may add confusion and not allow us to develop what currently works for
our teachers and students. This is a large topic in education, but I wanted to
provide a quick answer to this from the ILS standpoint.

Some additional news & notes:

* We thank all of you for your continued dedication to ILS. We are collecting the
survey results and looking at them carefully. Your surveys mean a lot. Your
suggestions and comments are helpful. As we move forward in planning, there are
many people who work very hard and diligent to prepare our services for the "here
and now" as well as ILS's future. The categories below are where we are developing
strategic plans and stages:

1. Faith In Action
2. Creative Teaching & Instruction
3. Technology

* Soon there will be new lines painted in our parking lot. Here is what you will
soon see:
- Arrows for Directions
- Tiger Paws
- Lines to show "Pick Up/ Drop Off" and a lane for "Exit"
- Cross Walk(s) in 3 places: 2 from school to parking lot and 1 from school to

The Lord has sent us all to serve and be Christ like. Take time to pray
individually and as a family. The wonderful and awesome things God does in our
lives are in His eyes and His plan. Soak up His love and grace. Give your kids a
special hug this evening.

In Christ,
Mr. Baringer

Your child’s faith in God is our number one priority. Our faculty and staff look forward to partnering with you to teach your children about Jesus and living a Christian life. Each day at Immanuel, students study the Bible, pray, and learn about Jesus. I commend you for considering a Christian school. It’s a step in the right direction for your child and your family.
All families have challenges, no matter what their makeup: traditional families, blended families, single moms/dads, grandparents, and extended family. Immanuel Lutheran School is not a "shelter", but rather an environment led by Christian adults. When your child enrolls at ILS, they become a welcome part of our school family.
I am sure you think, dream, plan, and prepare for your child’s future. Your child has unique gifts and abilities. Your child may excel in math, science, art, athletics, language, or music. It is our joy as educators to develop those strengths while also teaching them all the skills necessary for a successful future.

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